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Programs & Campaigns

Charity Starts at Home Programmes

Degiorgio Charity Association project programs are 3, these include:

  1. Recycle and Help the MSPCA (formerly SPCA Malta) and save a Pet
  2. Bags4Help – Don’t Just throw it away
  3. Boarding Home Student Exchange 

There are other programs in the pipeline which have not been agreed with all parties concerned


The program is a four day, four-night exchange package for children in boarding homes (orphanages) or possibly foster care. These children usually come from broken homes and it is very likely that 90% of them will never have the opportunity or be able to afford to travel outside their shores 

This program is also aimed at getting governments to work closer together on social levels, understanding and sharing each other’s issues whilst learning from one another. This will enable them to open further communication and establish better prospects in the area of relationships leading to greater social and economic advancements

The program will entail exchanging 100 boarding and foster student, 20 careers, 10 government officials and 10 research students from the university and some others from the press. These would exchange the students using the same aircraft taking the Maltese group over whilst bringing the other countries group with the same plane back to Malta, making it more economical

It is hoped that while the students are experiencing the country and the culture, the government officials would meet regarding social issues and improving relations. The university students may conduct studies on both social and psychological effects of the exchange and or the country. The media will be involved in promoting the event and covering it

Students and participants are all too expected to benefit from this program. It is hoped that if successful it would be repeated every 3 to 4 years


This simple concept starts with a Bin Bag or Rubbish / Garbage bag. Millions are used every day. Their only cause and objective is to collect rubbish and dispose of it. But now with BAG4HELP, the Rubbish cause can also help your favourite charity cause at no extra cost to you.

At one time there will be 4 Charities you can help. Each charity will be represented by a colour and a percentage of the profit collected for the sales of these bags will go toward the charity the colour will represent with.

At Home
Now every time you purchase a rubbish bags, you are not only throwing away money with the rubbish and adding to the waste control issue but you are helping a charity of choice with a project or an objective. The Black bag will remain for those that do not wish to contribute or take part but for the same cost, there will be a choice of 4 Colours and 4 Charities to help.

Everyone uses at least one bag a week if not one a day some cases. Now the more you use the more you are donating and helping a good cause with every purchase.

The NGO and the Charities
These charities will have to just sign up for each campaign that will be reviewed on quarterly bases. By a panel of the pears which they themselves will elect on yearly bases