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DEGIORGIO CHARITY ASSOCIATION is strongly committed to organise and assist with fund raising, through activities and other means at its disposal;  The foundation is supported by the Fortress Alliance Group to assist individuals, and or organisations with their requirements in the support of SOCIAL SERVICES and ENVIRONMENTAL needs directly or indirectly through its partnership with other NGO and is therefore established with the following aims in order to aid and assist:

Child services and welfare, and daycare (Services to children, child development centres, children homes, infant care centres and nurseries for working mothers)

Youth services and welfare (Including delinquency prevention services, drop-out prevention, youth centres and clubs and job programs for youth; Boy scouts, Girl Scouts, and Big brothers/Big sisters)

Family services (Including family parent education, single parent agencies and services and family violence shelters and services)

Services for the persons with disability or terminal illnesses (Including nursing homes, other transport facilities, recreation and other specialised services)

Services for the elderly (Includes in-home services, homemaker services, transport facilities, recreation, meal programs and other services geared towards senior citizens)

Pollution abatement and control (Organisations that promote clean air, clean water, reducing and preventing noise pollution, radiation control, treatment of hazardous waste and toxic substances, solid waste management and recycling programs)

Natural resources conservation and protection (Conservation and preservation of natural resources including land, water, energy and plant resources for the general use and enjoyment of the public

Environmental beautification of open spaces (Botanical gardens, arboreta, horticultural programs and landscape services, organisations promoting anti-litter campaigns ; programs to preserve the parks, green spaces and open spaces in urban or rural areas; and city and road beautification programs)